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Forum Rules

Started by Regera, November 13, 2020, 03:36:35 PM

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Forum Rules

1. No Spamming/Flooding
Do NOT Spam/Flood posts in topics to make post count faster in forums. Flood & Useless posts/topics will be removed by an administrator and warning/mute will be issued if they keeps spamming in forums.

2. No Post porn, piracy, links reward you with cash or survey
Do NOT post porn, piracy links & links that reward you with cash, survey or anything which is Illegal. Doing this will lead to a forum warning/mute/ban.

3. No bump 3 months old topics without adding any value
If a topic is 3 months old, don't bump a topic without adding any value in it. Bumping old topics may lead to a forum warning. Also don't bump your topic after 5 minutes or any short time or your topic will be deleted.

4. No Double posting
Do NOT double post in forums. Use Modify button feature. If you found double posting to increase your post count and whoring, you'll get your forum warning/mute/ban.

5. Do not PM Server Staff to Check Player Reports/Ban Appeals
Do not PM Server Staff to check player reports/ban appeals. They will check it when they have time in course.

6. The forum is not a chatroom
The forum is NOT a chatroom. Creating useless topics like chatting will be deleted and warnings will be issued. If you want to communicate, please communicate at discord.

7. All forum users must fill in-game name field to match in LSCNR server
All forum users must fill in-game name field to match in LSCNR. Go to Profile -> Forum Profile -> In-Game Name Field then fill your in-game name. Anyone found outdated in-game names will be punished.

8. Do not use larger signatures in your forum profile
Please don't use bigger signature pictures in your forum profile. Use Medium or Small signatures in your forum profile is allowed to use it. You can only use the maximum signature size of 700x150. Multiple warnings for big signatures will result in a forum ban.

9. Some board sections has specific formats where it's required to use correct format
Some board sections has specific formats like Player Reports, Ban Appeals & Bug Reports so please make sure you use the correct format or your topic will be automatically deleted. *New*

10. Respect to other Forum users and Staff Members
Show us your good behavior. Respect to Forum users and Staff Members. Insulting, harassment & offensive material are ways of bad behavior if you found disrespecting, you will receive a forum warning/mute/ban. *New*


Rule No. 9 and Rule No. 10 has been added.

For Rule 9, some boards has specific Formats and for Rule 10, respect to other members and staff members.