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Version 3.0

Started by Nightmare, May 10, 2021, 07:21:12 PM

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--- Gang System ---

Entire Gang System gets Changed.
*you can now join a gang using /gangs >> select a gang >> Submit Application (a player on that can accept your application)
*gangs can own up to 3 vehicles and it can be used by only gang members.
*gangs will have their own base and players can spawn on gang base with /settings menu.

Ranking and Abilities (5 Ranks)

Member - Just a member in the gang, No much abilitites.
Advisor - Can respawn gang vehicles.
Manager - Can start a gang robbery and accept member applications.
Co- Leader - Can access gang bank account and promote members to any rank.
Leader - Buy, sell, park gang vehicles and can access gang bank account.

--- Gang Bank ---

*Gangs will get cash on every capturing on zones ($15,000), this will be added to gang bank account.
*any players can donate to gang bank account.

Gang Vehicles--
*every gang will have 3 vehicle slot. this can be upgraded up to 10 slots upon donations. ($3 per slot)
*gang can buy vehicles that is available in the /bgv command list.

Gang Logs---
*every actions doing inside the gangs is available on gang logs, promotion, demotion, deposit, withdraw etc. Everything is saved to log and can be seen by any player.

Gang Of The Day---
*You can see a GOTD tag near the clock. it shows the gang of the day and it displays the best gang tag.
*getting GOTD will also give extra reward to gang bank account.

Changes to Vip---
*added /flip command (Vip 1 and above)
*added /nos command (Vip 2 and above)
*added a timer for /countdown - this command now can only be used every 3 minutes

Other Changes--
*Winning player of the day awards now gives you cash. amount ranging from $1000 to $5000 per every award you get.
*fixed /whisper bug.
*fixed admin on duty bug.

*This update is not yet complete and expect it to come in this weekend.*


nice  and thx @nightmare


Changelog Version 3.1

*Bug fixes.
*Added Gang Rank on /stats
*Added more Toys to Vip Menu. (Credits: FreAked)
*Added Color for Gang, Gang color can be set by gang leaders using command /cgc - change gang color (should give HEX CODES OF THE DESIRED COLOR)
*Many new Buildings has been added with escalators so that players can use it as their gang base. (Credits: FreAked)
*A Ferris Wheel is added at Los Santos Beach.  (Credits: FreAked)


Good man keep it up !!!  ;)
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