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Official Server Rules

Started by Dasdes, May 06, 2021, 09:24:37 AM

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Hereby the official LS-CNR Server Rules:

General rules
1.  Do not random deathmatch/tie/cuffing at spawnpoints. (AKA Spawnkilling whatsoever)
2.  Multiple accounts are not allowed.
3.  Do NOT abuse any bugs! C-bug is allowed in duels ONLY if both agree on usage! 2 shot is allowed!
4.  Advertising is not allowed and will result in a ban.
5.  Hacking is not allowed in any circumstance! Doing so will result in a ban.
6.  Respect other players and admins.
8.  Racism/Terrorism is not allowed.
9.  Do not quit or AFK to avoid while tied/cuffed.
10. Do not ask for promotions.
11. Do not attack your team mates.
12. Ramming is not allowed.
13. Anything an Admin says is considered a rule.
14. You can not share accounts. Accounts are personal. Any shared account will be in danger of being deleted.
15. You may not sell or gain profit of anything on this community for real-life currency. LSCNR is a project that is considered non-profit, and all donations we get, goes directly in to hosting and providing the services.

Police specific rules
1. Do not kill innocent (white marked) players.
2. Yellow marked players are ticketable, if they attack you you may shoot aswell.

Gang Zone rules
1. Do not capture a zone while in a vehicle. This also means no helicopter/plane to reach places that cannot be reached on foot!
2. Do not go AFK while capturing a zone.

House rules
1. When owning a house, you will have to visit it every 14 days to prevent it from getting sold.
2. Park your private vehicles at a sensible spot.

And the last and most important rule: Have fun!

 These rules are subject to change.

Version 06-05-2021